5 Ways Companies can Attract Employers


For the organizations vieing for the best and most brilliant of the class of 2015, there’s uplifting news and terrible news. The most recent school graduates have all the earmarks of being more arranged to enter the workforce than we’ve found as of late. In any case, numerous businesses aren’t finding a way to pull in them– or to cling to them once they do.

Our 2015 College Graduate Employment Study here at Accenture Strategy found that about portion of 2015 alumni (49%) see themselves as underemployed or working in an occupation that doesn’t require a school degree– an enduring increment from 46% in 2014 and 41% of the alumni we studied in 2013.

About portion of 2015 alumni (49%) see themselves as underemployed or working in a vocation that doesn’t require an advanced education.

Plainly, there’s space for bosses to make strides. Here are five spots to begin.


Right around seventy five percent (72%) of the 2015 graduates we reviewed had an entry level position, apprenticeship, or community amid school. Not exclusively would this be able to kind of work encounter get promising hopefuls amped up for working for you even before they’ve graduated, it likewise causes you pinpoint– and even get a head begin on training– the best ability early. Organizations that don’t offer temporary positions or comparative sorts of chances are everything except leaving the best section level workers on the table for their rivals to enroll.


Youthful millennial and gen Z specialists are computerized locals, so it’s nothing unexpected they’re utilizing advanced instruments and stages to search for work. Actually, almost 66% (64%) of 2015 graduates have utilized a versatile application to scan and apply for positions, and they consider informal communication the best strategy for finding work. Managers need to go where their future workers as of now are. That implies increase advanced interests in the enlistment encounter.


Our exploration found that only 15% of new graduates need to work for an expansive organization, which implies that even the best-settled enterprises are missing the mark regarding youthful representatives’ desires. Recent college grads need both imaginative work societies and additionally conditions that advance straightforwardness and allow them to progress rapidly. They may be mixed up in trusting those open doors just exist in little organizations and new businesses, however they can’t altogether be blamed for that. Greater organizations need to demonstrate they can offer those encounters, as well, supported by a broadness of assets littler players can’t.

For instance, some bigger associations are shedding customary execution surveys for progressively straightforward, constant criticism. Moreover, greater organizations as of now have the foundation to help adaptable filling in and also the assets to make littler, particular groups.

On the off chance that redesigning at that dimension isn’t an alternative in the close term, organizations can in any case accomplish more to bring their millennial representatives into closer contact with their littler colleagues that are presently significant parts of their own environments. The fact of the matter is to discover approaches to make those personal encounters, at that point publicize them to potential contracts.


The most current alumni in the workforce don’t simply need opportunities to learn and develop, they anticipate them. 77% of those we reviewed anticipate that their boss should give preparing in their first occupation, however just half said they got it. That implies that the most youthful workers can’t altogether be reprimanded for hopping starting with one employment then onto the next after short residencies. It likewise implies that for organizations, a little can go far. Offering long haul improvement openings can put your organization significantly better than the opposition and help you cling to incredible ability in the wake of making the contract.

77% of those we reviewed anticipate that their boss should give preparing in their first occupation, however just half said they got it.


For the most up to date school graduates in the workforce, culture trumps remuneration. 60% of the class of 2015 said they would like to work at an organization with a positive social air and procure a lower pay than profit somewhere where it’s less enjoyable to work. Bosses who offer section level representatives testing work while likewise making a pleasant culture are at an upper hand.

Organizations may be inclined to reject ongoing alumni’s needs as doubtful desires dependent on restricted work involvement. Be that as it may, those that do will pass up the most skilled youthful specialists. Undergrads are demonstrating unfathomable spryness and sober mindedness as they enter a focused work showcase. Presently it’s the ideal opportunity for bosses to indicate they’re similarly as fit for adjusting.

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